Radio Scilly and the Islands have featured on a major national radio show.

Commercial stations from across the UK linked up for a special programme on Sunday night to celebrate the achievements of local radio.

The live debate was the culmination of The Big Listen, a week-long campaign to gather listeners’ views about the future of commercial radio.

The two-hour programme was networked to 60 stations across the country from London’s LBC Radio.

Radio Scilly director Keri Jones was invited to appear as a guest speaker and as a representative of smaller, non-metropolitan stations.

And with millions of people potentially listening, he was keen to get a plug in for the Isles of Scilly.

“I’m determined to do my bit to help promote Scilly because every little bit of publicity helps people who run businesses on the islands. That’s why I was delighted to accept the invitation to appear,? he said.

‘It was pretty daunting going on straight after Sir Richard Branson though! He talked about Virgin Radio and I put a plug in for the islands and Radio Scilly. Talk about a contrast!”

TV presenter Toby Anstis, who hosted the show, was particularly interested in Radio Scilly’s claim to be the “world’s smallest radio station” and its potential immediate audience of just 2,150.

Keri pointed out that there was currently a pregnancy boom on Scilly and those extra potential listeners would be very much welcome.

Radio Scilly begins live FM and internet broadcasting on September 3 from studios above Island Properties on Porthmellon.

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