The Council is launching an investigation into heightened levels of radon in two of the islands water supplies. The council manages the water on both St.Marys and Bryher the islands whose waters supplies are being looked into.

Though radon is a naturally occurring problem in granite areas it is the second largest cause of lung cancer after smoking and could cause a risk to islanders if it is not controlled.

The water on Bryher has also been found to contain coloforms, a bacteria caused by fecal matter, this is a worrying discovery as the water treatment on the islands should have removed it.

It is hoped that the problem may be remedied by the introduction of a 4th water hole, as the water in the borehole near the Timmys Hill Tanks can become contaminated with sea water if its overused and this is thought to be the cause of the contamination.

Cost is thought to be an issue in the investigation at a time when councillors have also been told that the Desalination plant on St.Marys which is paramount to the islands water supply is coming to the end of its life.