Incident * Difficulty: Foundered * Date: 18 March 1867 * Shipping route: Liverpool to Mernel



The Delaware wrecked in a westerly gale after loosing the power of its engines. The Delaware sought shelter in Broad Sound, but was unable to due to overheating engines, so attempted to pass Mincarlo Rock and shelter between Samson and Bryher. She sank in a series of powerful waves, the first smashing the desk, the second topping her, the third sinking her. The first and third mates surfaced next to one of the Delaware’s lifeboats, were found on and rescued from White Island and taken to Bryher.

Incident * Difficulty: Foundered * Date: December 1871 * Passengers & cargo: 41 crew, 9 passengers, 48 lives lost. £250,000 of cotton cargo. * Location: Near Mincarlo Rock



A gig containing nine islanders was caught in a squall on their way from Tresco to St Mary’s. Four lives were lost: William Hicks, Trinity pilot; Walter Legg, joiner; Walter Hicks, ship carpenter, all of Scilly; and the son of Alexander Phillips, Penzance Customs.

Incident * Difficulty: Foundered * Date: 21.00 on Saturday 10 July 1875 * Passengers: 9 crew, 4 lives lost * Location: Between Tresco & St Mary’s


Catherine Griffiths

Incident * Difficulty: Ran aground, wrecked * Date: Monday 1 November 1875 * Shipping route: Sunderland? to Rio * Passengers & cargo: 11 crew, 8 lives lost. Coal. * Location: Corregan, Western Rocks



Incident * Difficulty: Ran aground * Date: 2 November 1875 * Shipping route: Cardiff to Odessa * Passengers & cargo: 40 crew, all saved. * Location: White Island



Incident * Difficulty: Foundered in heavy seas * Shipping route: Liverpool to Constantinople * Passengers & cargo: 24 crew. Coal.