If you come from the “Mainland”, then take a look at the following so that you know what a Scillonian is really saying:

Bulldog (boul dog) A native of St Mary’s.

Camel Rock (kammel rok)

  1. Granite carn at Porth Helick, St Mary’s.
  2. Music: rock festival held on the bank holiday Sunday at the end of August at Porth Hellick, near Camel Rock. Origin: The rock is similar in appearance to that of a camel.

Cassiterides (kasiteryds) Ancient name for the Isles of Scilly. Origin: Phoenician/Greek: tin islands - it was from this region that the Phoenicians obtained their valuable tin. (Also used later by the Romans.)

Caterpillar (katter piller) A native of Tresco.

Ennor (ennawr) Ancient term for the main Island that comprised St Mary’s, Tresco, Bryher, Samson and St Martin’s when sea levels were lower. Origin: Old Cornish: En Noer: the land

Ginnick (gin nick) A native of St Martin’s. Origin: Common German surname. German: gen (genes); Greek: genos (birth, race)? Nobody knows.

Gry Maritha (gree marritha) Cargo ferry between St Mary’s and Penzance. Origin: Norwegian: named after the daughter of the shipbuilder that built her

Gugh (gyoo) Least populated inhabited island in the archipelago, often considered part of St Agnes. Joined by ‘The Bar’ which is a sandbar covered at high tide, technical making Gugh an independent island. Origin: Celtic: peninsula

Guinea Money A shell commonly wash up on local beaches. Comes from a cowry called trivia arctica.

Hugh Town (hyoo town) Capital of the Islands on a sandbar on St Mary’s. Technically it is a village. Origin: (Hugh) Celtic: peninsula

Isles of Scilly (silli, thi iles ov) Preferred term for the islands. Origin: (Scilly)

launch (lawnch) Lyonnesse Lady: cargo ferry operating to the Off Islands. Owned by the Steamship company. Origin: (Lyonesse): legend of the lost land of Lyonesse, between Cornwall and Scilly.

maid (mayd) Wife - the woman to whom a particular man is married

mainland (mayn land) Referring to mainland England.

Off Islands (of ilends) Referring to populated islands, excluding St Mary’s.

pin (pin) Tholepin: holds the oar in place when rowing a gig.

punt (punt) Boat: Small rowing boat, often used to get out to a larger boat.

Scillies (silli’s) The Isles of Scilly. Preferred terms are ‘The Isles of Scilly’ or ‘Scilly’.

Scillonia (sillonea) Stands for the area telephone number (prefix 01720).

Scillonian (sillonean)

  1. Current ferry between Scilly and Penzance.
  2. A native of the islands.
  3. (adj.) Of or relating to the Isles of Scilly, it’s people or it’s culture.

Scilly Isles (silli iles) The Isles of Scilly. Preferred terms are ‘The Isles of Scilly’ or ‘Scilly’.

Sol (sol) Popular local flower, narcissi. Origin: Spanish: solei d’or

Spirit (spirrit) Spirit of St Agnes: passenger ferry operating from St Agnes.

Steamband (steemband) Local rock group.

The Triangle (triang’gl)

  1. Gig racing: gig race course that constitutes a triangle out of St. Marys harbour.
  2. Cricket: annual Cricket triangle between St. Agnes, St. Martins and Tresco.

Thorn (thawrn) A native of Bryher.

Turk (turk) A native of St Agnes.

WPGC (the champi enships) abbr. World Pilot Gig Championships